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japannode 日本ノード

japannode is an educational technology holding company focused on improving the educational sector in Japan through the use of IoT and blended learning technologies.

Vision and Purpose

japannode believes that education and technology are key necessities for building a strong sustainable community (vision) and improving quality of life for all Japanese citizens (purpose).

To meet its vision and purpose, japannode will address the following UN Sustainable Development Goals and Targets and align them to the Doughnut Economic Model:

UN Sustainable Goal 3

Japan has a suicide rate of roughly 20,000-25,000 per year mainly due to unemployment or social pressures. japannode will promote suicide prevention in all of its learning centers in efforts to help lower suicide rates while providing a location an environment that fosters wellness. This will be address the social equity social foundation shortfall (Doughnut Model) and slow down the population decline in Japan.

UN Sustainable Goal 4

IoT-based blended learning models will help teachers train students with skills pertainable to the future while maintaining the current holistic approach to education unique to Japan. japannode will address the issues of low English proficiency at the same time foster further use of STEM to help Japan reform new curriculum.

UN Sustainable Goal 5

Japan was placed 110th in the World Economic Forum’s global gender equality rankings for 2018. japannode's goal is to have women make up to 66% of it’s workforce while providing salaries at the same rates as men to help narrow the income gap.

UN Sustainable Goal 10

Helping the hikikomori, Japan’s withdrawn adults, adapt to the new work environment through the use of IoT and new technologies will be key to bringing this group back to the workforce. Together with Goal 1, japannode aims to help create a environment that can support this group whether online or in a “real life” setting.

Get to know me:

Kevin Miller Matsunaga avatar
My name is Kevin Miller Matsunaga. Currently I am focusing on implementing the use of technology in the F&B sector that includes integrating POS with food delivery systems. I am also using IoT to help F&B owners smooth operations of their establishments in Vietnam.

I am an experienced STEM teacher in IB MYP Media/Drama, IB MYP ICT, and IB DP Computer Science with teaching experience in China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, the USA, and Vietnam. I am also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Kazakhstan).

I feel that education and technology are key necessities to building strong sustainable communities and improving quality of life for all people. This is why I want to set up an IoT-based blended learning center in Japan to help remedy the low levels of English speaking in the country.

Contact me:

Feel free to email me if you are interested in this project. I am currently seeking a partner with similar interests in helping promote an IoT-based blended learning center in Japan.