japannode 日本ノード
Business Strategy

japannode is an educational technology holding company focused on improving the educational sector in Japan through the use of IoT and blended learning technologies.

Vision and Purpose

japannode believes that education and technology are key necessities for building a strong sustainable community (vision) and improving quality of life for all Japanese citizens (purpose).

Business Strategy

japannode needs to adopt the following business strategies to be successful in Japan:

  • Identify company vision and purpose before entering the Japanese market. The vision and purpose must address several shortfalls in the social foundation in Japanese society.
  • Use technology to improve proficiency levels of English in Japan through the use of IoT and blended learning. A successul company will implement this technology to teach English within it’s own learning centers, with schools and universities, and with companies.
  • Promote STEM for K-12 students, most importantly help students learn how to “innovate and invent”.
  • Develop and improve new technologies, such as machine learning, to help improve the learning environment specifically for Japan.

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