japannode 日本ノード
Phases & Timeline
JapanNode timeline

japannode is an educational technology holding company focused on improving the educational sector in Japan through the use of IoT and blended learning technologies.


Tentative timeline dates. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the following dates will be updated in early 2021.

Phase 1: October, 2021 - March, 2022

  1. Select first blended learning franchise for the Japanese market and obtain NDA for developing master franchise.
  2. Identify vision & purpose for opening a startup in Japan.
  3. Develop initial business strategy.
  4. Develop business plan (with support from master franchisers).
  5. Network with potential investors and seek potential properties for centers in Japan.
  6. Seek venture capital.
  7. Seek potential female partner for Japan.

Phase 2: April, 2022, - December, 2022

  1. Open 3 blended learning centers in southern Japan with the initial centers in Fukuoka, Kityakyushu, and Osaka.
  2. Start networking with government authorities to have blended learning centers replace the dispatches of English teachers to public schools.
  3. Develop initial business strategy.
  4. Reach out to various NGOs to focus on addressing the vision and purpose of the company.

Phase 3: January, 2022, - January, 2024

  1. Rollout 10-15 more centers across Japan including opening the first Premier center in Tokyo. Osaka will also have a Premier Center to prepare for the World Expo in 2025.
  2. Start offering, or sub-franchising, STEM courses.
  3. Start offering sub-franchise licenses to small “mom and pop” English centers across Japan.
  4. Start developing new educational technology software.
  5. Seek investment for Phase 4 expansion.

Phase 4: February, 2024, - February, 2026

  1. Rollout 10-20 more centers across Japan, including Okinawa, with Premier centers in Nagoya, Yokohama and Sapporo (if chosen for the Winter Olympic Games in 2030).
  2. With the ‘mom and pop’ sub-franchises, the goal is to have an agregate of 30-50 centers, or more, offering blended learning curriculum across Japan by April, 2025.
  3. Measure whether the company is successfulling addressing it’s vision and purposes specifically in regards to the 4 social foundation shortfalls.
  4. Draft new business strategy.

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